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Purchase the NOAQ Boxwall flood barriers in Ohio, Michigan and greater Great Lakes region!

Flood Defense Group is excited to announce that the NOAQ Boxwall flood defense barrier is now available for immediate purchase from Life Safety Technologies Special Systems LLC 440-309-7099

With the great lakes already at record levels and expected to remain at record levels through the first half of 2020, flooding and erosion are going to be a problem. This is the current projection under normal conditions, and should high precipitation totals also occur, flood concerns will only grow.

Throughout the shoreline, lagoons, and tributaries of the Great Lakes, erosion is taking place at an accelerated rate with high lake levels allowing floodwaters to rise and start the slow creep inland toward structure on the water.

If you are looking to protect yourself from flooding, we have long term as well as short term solutions.

What can Life Safety Technologies Special Systems LLC provide when it come to flood defense or to defend against eroding coast lines?


In addition to having stock of the NOAQ Boxwall which is one of the fastest and easiest products on the market to deploy against incoming floodwaters, there are also a variety of other barriers and heights to choose from. If you need to stop floodwater that is only a couple inches up to 1’ or have potential for several feet of floodwater, we have the capability of achieving any height when it comes to flood defense.


If you live on the Great Lakes whether it be in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or New York, you are likely experiencing some sort of land loss through erosion or likely know somebody who is. In addition to being able to provide temporary flood defense barriers, we can also assist with ‘flood defense landscaping’ in the form of creating reinforced berms which act as permanent flood protection as well providing protection against eroding coastlines.


Throughout the area of the Great Lakes, there can be found a variety of different flooding problems which we are well suited to protect against. We are noticing the following types of flooding in this area and are well suited to assist

  • Slow rising lake flooding
  • Flood water backing up into tributaries and spilling out their banks
  • Flooding from erosion and land loss
  • Surface flooding from rain events due to poor drainage and/or saturated soils
  • River flooding during high precipitation events or spring run-off.

If you are looking to protect yourself from flooding and are interested to know where to purchase the NOAQ Boxwall or a variety of other flood barriers in Ohio, Michigan, or throughout the Great Lakes region, your local contact details are below.


In addition to selling flood defense barriers and keeping regional stockpiles throughout the USA, we can assist with site specific feedback. Maybe you are not sure which barrier is best for you. Perhaps you could use a 2nd opinion on available options or would simply like to cost out a variety of different options available, we can help.

You can contact your local distributor of flood defense barriers for detailed pricing but if you want a quote, you only need to provide details on which flood barrier you are looking at as well as a delivery zip code unless you collect them yourself.

If you are looking for feedback specific to your flood problem, send us some pictures! If you can send us some pictures detailing the problem you are dealing with as well as any projections you have on depth of flood waters, this typically gives us all the information we need to provide site specific feedback for initial review.


We understand that flood defense barriers are about as exciting of a purchase as a new roof or a new air conditioning system for your home. It is something you need but get little enjoyment out of but once the floodwaters arrive, the gratification of having protected your home from the costly disaster associated with flooding is profound.

We always tell homeowners subject to flooding that it is wise to at least start costing out flood barrier options even if you are not ready to purchase. That way, when the flood waters arrive, you will at least have a plan that can be initiated immediately because once flood waters arrive, time for planning is over and this window of time can close quickly.

If you are looking to purchase flood barriers in this region,
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