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Flood Defense Group supplies over 3.5 miles of HESCO barriers into Africa

Flood Defense Group wins a competitive bid for the supply and international shipping of over 3.5 miles of authentic HESCO Bastion or ‘HESCO Barriers’ to the US Department of State and we are extremely proud to support this requirement.

We have great respect for the work done by the US Department of State in areas all over the world to support local nations and advance US interests or reputation through an understanding of ‘the situation on the ground.’ This is often done in areas that are considered remote, undeveloped, and even hostile environments and without this group of professionals, the USA would be largely unaware of developing world dynamics, opportunities, or threats that can affect our citizens back home or while abroad.

Flood Defense Group can supply barriers that have a variety of uses in addition to flood. If you are looking to provide ‘force protection’ or ballistic protection from small arms fire or even vehicle borne explosive devices like ‘car-bombs’, we have a massive amount of experience in the design and supply of HESCO Bastion to protect company personnel and assets within rough terrain environments from a huge variety of threats encountered in today’s world.

If you have something to protect, let us know! From floods to bombs, we have a fantastic line-up in our toolbox and are free to provide feedback and pricing!