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Flood Defense Group wins competitive bid for the supply contract of flood barriers to the State of Iowa


Are you looking to purchase flood barriers in Iowa? Flood Defense Group is capable of supplying flood barriers for those entities capable of purchasing off the Iowa State contract as well as directly supplying individual homeowners who want to protect a house from flooding.

If you are thinking about the need for flood protection and want evaluate flood defense barrier options, give us a call or send an email. We can assist with anything from stackable, soil filled barriers like HESCO Bastion to a huge variety of reusable flood barriers. One of the easiest steps you can take when researching the best flood defense barriers on the market is to send us an email and ask for a pricelist!

Our flood barrier designs include:

  • Stackable, soil filled flood barriers
  • Reusable water filled flood tubes
  • Reusable water filled ‘Jersey Barriers’
  • Systems that are anchored by the weight of the flood water
  •  Flood barrier systems that do not require fill material at all
  • Inflatable flood barriers
  • Flood barriers for doors & windows
  • Flood barriers for garages and oversized openings
  • Panels capable of enclosing power grids, AC units, or key infrastructure
  • Long term flood defense barriers used for ‘flood defense landscaping’

Additional flood defense problems we can assist with

  •  We have flood barrier designs that can be deployed in minutes
  • We have lightweight flood barrier designs that can be deployed with minimal effort
  • We have flood barriers that are easily stacked away with minimal storage requirements
  • We have barriers capable of being built on poor surfaces
  • Some of our barriers are easily modified to work in complicated areas or tight spaces
  • We ae capable of helping you to choose a flood barrier system that is specific to your flood situation.


It is our support (and flood barrier prices) that keep customers recommending Flood Defense Group and we truly appreciate it. We understand that it can seem difficult to answer the question ‘what flood barrier is best for me?’ Different flood barriers have different strengths, and we can assist in identifying the flood barrier that is ideal for your situation which is sometimes done through excluding the flood barrier options that are not ideal for a given flood scenario.


It is important that our customers have confidence in their decision when it comes to the selection of a flood defense barrier. This creates peace of mind…… and peace of mind has value! Our customers want to believe in their flood barrier design, they want to purchase flood barriers at a reasonable price, and they want to trust who whey work with while sometimes being guided through the process of selecting the flood barrier that works best for them. We have proven designs, great flood barrier prices, and the biggest selection in choosing a product that fits you best. We are here to assist and well suited to do so!

Create a Plan

We believe in the expression ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’.
Don’t get caught without a plan! Even if you are not prepared to purchase flood defense barriers now, you can still make a plan so when flood waters are coming, you have already done the work of figuring out what your options are, how much does it cost, and how fast can you get it.

Floodwaters do not wait for timing to be convenient. Be prepared, make a plan! Flood Defense Group remains available to assist with a flood defense plan.

Thank you, Iowa, for choosing Flood Defense Group. We have great pride to support The State of Iowa as well as individual residents when it comes to flood protection. We are flood defense professionals and truly enjoy helping those in need however we can.

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