About The Flood Defense Group

flood defense barriers
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Flood Defense Group

A word about the CEO

Keith Anderson has been involved in the flood defense industry since 2003 shortly after his honorable discharge from the US Army where he served in the 82nd Airborne.

Since getting involved in building protective barriers in 2003, Keith has traveled to over 30 countries to provide design, construction, testing and/or training support for a variety of barriers to a variety of government, military, and private organizations. This has given him a unique expertise that has had him involved in speaking events around the world.

Within the USA, Keith Anderson has been on call as technically proficient responder capable of supporting USACE deployments since 2005. He has also been called upon repeatedly as a guest speaker at the US Army, NAVY, Marine Corps, and Air Force engineer schools to speak on ‘Protective Barriers’ for a variety of applications.

Through this experience, Keith believes there is no denying that a variety of solutions is absolutely essential to help with a variety of problems, applications, and dynamics associated with flood proofing what is important to you.

Keith Anderson

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