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Flood Defense Group wins competitive bid for the supply contract of flood barriers to the State of Iowa


Are you looking to purchase flood barriers in Iowa? Flood Defense Group is capable of supplying flood barriers for those entities capable of purchasing off the Iowa State contract as well as directly supplying individual homeowners who want to protect a house from flooding.

If you are thinking about the need for flood protection and want evaluate flood defense barrier options, give us a call or send an email. We can assist with anything from stackable, soil filled barriers like HESCO Bastion to a huge variety of reusable flood barriers. One of the easiest steps you can take when researching the best flood defense barriers on the market is to send us an email and ask for a pricelist!

Our flood barrier designs include:

  • Stackable, soil filled flood barriers
  • Reusable water filled flood tubes
  • Reusable water filled ‘Jersey Barriers’
  • Systems that are anchored by the weight of the flood water
  •  Flood barrier systems that do not require fill material at all
  • Inflatable flood barriers
  • Flood barriers for doors & windows
  • Flood barriers for garages and oversized openings
  • Panels capable of enclosing power grids, AC units, or key infrastructure
  • Long term flood defense barriers used for ‘flood defense landscaping’

Additional flood defense problems we can assist with

  •  We have flood barrier designs that can be deployed in minutes
  • We have lightweight flood barrier designs that can be deployed with minimal effort
  • We have flood barriers that are easily stacked away with minimal storage requirements
  • We have barriers capable of being built on poor surfaces
  • Some of our barriers are easily modified to work in complicated areas or tight spaces
  • We ae capable of helping you to choose a flood barrier system that is specific to your flood situation.


It is our support (and flood barrier prices) that keep customers recommending Flood Defense Group and we truly appreciate it. We understand that it can seem difficult to answer the question ‘what flood barrier is best for me?’ Different flood barriers have different strengths, and we can assist in identifying the flood barrier that is ideal for your situation which is sometimes done through excluding the flood barrier options that are not ideal for a given flood scenario.


It is important that our customers have confidence in their decision when it comes to the selection of a flood defense barrier. This creates peace of mind…… and peace of mind has value! Our customers want to believe in their flood barrier design, they want to purchase flood barriers at a reasonable price, and they want to trust who whey work with while sometimes being guided through the process of selecting the flood barrier that works best for them. We have proven designs, great flood barrier prices, and the biggest selection in choosing a product that fits you best. We are here to assist and well suited to do so!

Create a Plan

We believe in the expression ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’.
Don’t get caught without a plan! Even if you are not prepared to purchase flood defense barriers now, you can still make a plan so when flood waters are coming, you have already done the work of figuring out what your options are, how much does it cost, and how fast can you get it.

Floodwaters do not wait for timing to be convenient. Be prepared, make a plan! Flood Defense Group remains available to assist with a flood defense plan.

Thank you, Iowa, for choosing Flood Defense Group. We have great pride to support The State of Iowa as well as individual residents when it comes to flood protection. We are flood defense professionals and truly enjoy helping those in need however we can.

Flood Defense Group

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Flood Defense Group supplies over 3.5 miles of HESCO barriers into Africa

Flood Defense Group wins a competitive bid for the supply and international shipping of over 3.5 miles of authentic HESCO Bastion or ‘HESCO Barriers’ to the US Department of State and we are extremely proud to support this requirement.

We have great respect for the work done by the US Department of State in areas all over the world to support local nations and advance US interests or reputation through an understanding of ‘the situation on the ground.’ This is often done in areas that are considered remote, undeveloped, and even hostile environments and without this group of professionals, the USA would be largely unaware of developing world dynamics, opportunities, or threats that can affect our citizens back home or while abroad.

Flood Defense Group can supply barriers that have a variety of uses in addition to flood. If you are looking to provide ‘force protection’ or ballistic protection from small arms fire or even vehicle borne explosive devices like ‘car-bombs’, we have a massive amount of experience in the design and supply of HESCO Bastion to protect company personnel and assets within rough terrain environments from a huge variety of threats encountered in today’s world.

If you have something to protect, let us know! From floods to bombs, we have a fantastic line-up in our toolbox and are free to provide feedback and pricing!

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How to tie your flood barrier into a building or a wall?

Flood Barrier Tie-in using plastic sheeting and Gorilla Tape - NOAQ Boxwall (

Flood Defense Group regularly supplies flood barriers that are required to ‘tie-in’ to something like a wall, a building, or even tie into other types of temporary flood barriers. It is where you butt your flood barriers into a wall or building that you are most likely to get seepage which is why we take great care making these locations as watertight as possible.

This example shows how we used a small strip of plastic sheeting taped to the end of our flood barrier (NOAQ Boxwall in this case) and then to the wall on either side. This is a cheap and easy solution that works for most of our flood barrier tie-ins whether it be a stack of sandbags, the water filled Flood Tube, Muscle Wall, HESCO Bastion or about any of our other flood defense barriers we keep in stock.

Within this example, we enjoy sharing how quick and effective a simple strip of plastic secured with Gorilla Tape can be in sealing up a flood barrier tie-in. Whether you are looking at where you can purchase flood defense barriers in the USA, are looking for water filled flood barriers for your home, or need something bigger like HESCO Barriers for sale, we can help. Alternatively, if you would appreciate speaking about your home-made flood defenses, we are happy to help in any way we can as our focus lies in helping to prevent loss associated with flooding.

Here are a few things we have learned about tying a flood defense barrier into a wall, a building, or an alternate flood defense system.

1) Plastic Thickness
We will regularly cover our flood barriers entirely with a thicker 6mm plastic sheeting for added protection against under-seepage or when working surfaces are porous, erosive, and/or uneven. This thicker plastic sheeting performs well against damage from debris floating in the water, airborne hurricane debris, and punctures or tears during construction as well as projects that may span for long distances and could be miles long. Simply put, it is a more robust plastic and easy to work with.
HOWEVER… of our customers on a project in Charleston, South Carolina was trying to protect a door from flooding using this same NOAQ Boxwall product and choose to overlay it with a much thinner plastic which was similar to the thickness of a garbage bag and we were impressed with what we saw. In this case, the customer had stamped concrete at the base and deep grout lines on the brickwork of his home. He knew that stamped concrete and deep grout lines would be potential routes for water to intrude onto the dry side of the barrier and used the thinner plastic for the tie-in which he felt would form a better seal to these areas as water pressure built up on the ‘wet side’ of his barrier. This was a great idea and prove to be extremely effective.
Summary – We prefer using a thicker 6mm plastic during flood defense projects because it is reliably strong and the forces at play from the weather and water can be destructive but we cannot deny how effectively a thinner gauge plastic sheeting (like a painters ‘drop sheet’ or a plastic trash bag) can seal up potential seepage routes like stamped concrete, grout lines in brick, paver stones, and similar surfaces. Plastic sheeting is a fantastic tool to make a flood barrier watertight and your individual flood defense scenario may drive your selection of plastic sheeting as desired/required.

2) Secure Plastic to Wet vs Dry Surfaces
In this video example, we used Gorilla Tape to secure the plastic sheeting to the end of our NOAQ Boxwall flood barrier and the brick wall as well as to the ground at the base of the flood barrier. We taped around the entire perimeter of the plastic sheeting where water could come in contact with it. If we are using plastic sheeting and can tape it into place while conditions are dry, that’s fantastic!! Sometimes, working surfaces are wet and tape does not want to stick. Within the video, we discuss the ease of working with ‘sand-socks’ which are simply long socks we filled with sand. These are lightweight, easy to work with, don’t fall apart, and inexpensive to make. Putting these sand socks or even larger sandbags onto your plastic to keep it anchored down when surfaces are wet is generally extremely effective. If you are working in a high wind environment, it may be wise to always have a few sandbags on hand to keep plastic anchored to the ground or the wall it is tying into.

3) Never Put Plastic Sheeting Under a Flood Barrier
A common mistake people will make it to put their entire flood barrier on top of plastic. If building a sandbag wall for example, it is important to cover it with plastic sheeting or it will leak quite badly. We suggest putting the plastic under a single row of the bags to anchor it down and simply fold the plastic up and over your sandbag wall. This technique works great but we have heard of multiple cases where sandbags or flood barriers were built on top of plastic sheeting entirely. The problem is that plastic has an extremely low friction value and as water rises and the water pressure starts pushing against your flood barrier which is sitting on slippery plastic, the entire wall could be pushed and create a breach in your barrier. Summary, plastic is an extremely effective at making a flood barrier watertight but do not rest your flood barrier entirely on plastic.

If you have a particular aspect of flood defense operations that you are interested in learning more about, please let us know. We enjoy experimenting with our entire array of flood barriers and when possible, try to create some helpful material in the form of videos and photos to better answer any questions you may have. Whether you are interested in learning more about our water filled flood barriers, water diversion tubes, flood defense landscaping or our larger stackable barriers like HESCO Bastion, let us know. Maybe you are searching for the most effective way to protect garage doors, pedestrian doors, or windows from flooding….we can help!! We want to help and enjoy helping so please reach out anytime!

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Flood Defense Group sends over a mile of flood barriers to combat flooding on Lake Michigan

The majority of temporary flood barriers we are supplying into the area consist of the 4’ tall Muscle Wall product.  This is a water filled barrier commonly used to protect homes from flooding that we believe to be the best option on the market for a reusable barrier that is 4’ tall or higher.  Muscle Wall sizes range from 2’ to  8’ in height of flood protection and this product is completely reusable while offering robust protection against high winds, frigid temperatures, and wave impact.  We believe Muscle Wall to be the clear winner within the industry of flood defense products when a reusable flood barrier is required that needs to be taller than 3’, strong enough to take wave/debris impact, and comparatively inexpensive to other options on the market for an equal height of protection.

As of May 2020, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are about 3’ feet higher than average which is the highest lake level on record for these lakes. Lake levels are not expected to go down until around July and if weather patterns continue to bring in moisture, homeowners are bracing for the prospect of prolonged flooding. Added moisture or even wind driven surges of water are likely to plague the area well into 2020 leaving a continued threat of flooding or land loss due to erosion.

These conditions have created a variety of flooding problems throughout the Great Lakes Basin and Flood Defense Group is working throughout the region helping those looking to buy flood barriers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and further ‘downstream’ into Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York to find a solution that works best for each scenario.

What residential flood barriers for homes or properties have been in demand around the Great Lakes?

The majority of temporary flood barriers we are supplying into the area consist of the 4’ tall Muscle Wall product.  This is a water filled barrier commonly used to protect homes from flooding that we believe to be the best option on the market for a reusable barrier that is 4’ tall or higher.  Muscle Wall sizes range from 2’ to  8’ in height of flood protection and this product is completely reusable while offering robust protection against high winds, frigid temperatures, and wave impact.  We believe Muscle Wall to be the clear winner within the industry of flood defense products when a reusable flood barrier is required that needs to be taller than 3’, strong enough to take wave/debris impact, and comparatively inexpensive to other options on the market for an equal height of protection.

For lower level flood depths, another water barrierwhich has been popular is the Water Tube.  This is commonly referred to as a ‘water filled flood tube’ and great for flood depths of about 12” or less that are not experiencing significant wave impact.  We believe Water Tubes to be the most economical flood prevention option on the market for a reusable flood barrier for depths of about 12” or less.

Finally, the NOAQ Boxwall flood barrier has also been an extremely popular option to protect houses from flooding because it achieves 20” in height, does not require any fill material, quick to set up and take down, and are easily stored in your garage like a stack of chairs.  This combination of factors combined with the price per linear foot for height of protection achieved makes it one of our most popular flood barriers around Lake Michigan and across the USA.  The NOAQ Boxwall can be purchased in the USA from Flood Defense Group directly or from our regional distributor Life Safety Technologies Special Systems LLC, Vermilion, Ohio  44089.

Here are some of the flood prevention solutions we can provide and some general feedback or ideas of what you can do if you are facing floodwater, do not have a flood barrier, and want to make an effort to protect yourself with locally available resources.

Stop Rising Lake Water
We have a variety of barriers that can achieve about any height.  We have inflatable flood barriers, water filled flood barriers, soil filled options and flood defense barriers that do not require any fill material at all.  Some of the main considerationsin flood barrier selection are the type of working surfaces you are building on, flood water depth, and will the barrier be exposed to wave action or debris impact.  Time of deployment can sometimes be a factor but in the case around the Great Lakes, the incoming floodwater is coming slowly and not a surprise.

Stop Floodwater from Coming Out a Drain (planning consideration)

Due to the fact that lake levels are at a record high, there is a high potential that flood events can lead to floodwater backflowing out drains, sewer/irrigation pipes, and underground plumbing or culverts.  We suggest that the best long-term solution is to install backflow preventers that stop this from happening.  In cases where backflowing floodwater is a problem, we have Pipe Stoppers which are inflatable plugs that can be pushed into the pipe to be plugged and inflated to create a seal as required.

Mitigate Against a Rising Water Table Behind Your Barrier

Our specialty is providing removable flood barriers and we are well aware that anytime we are holding floodwater back above ground, the water is simultaneously trying to come out from below ground as well.

For example, if we are holding back 2’ of floodwater, the water table is now 2’ above the ground and the pressure of the water we are holding back is simultaneously trying to push the water through the ground under the flood barrier toward the ‘dry side’ of your barrier.

Now imagine your flood barrier is sitting on a base of soft sand while holding back 2’ of water.  In most cases, it would not work.  The water pressure against your barrier would pipe through the saturated sand under the barrier and well up on the ‘dry side’ causing a catastrophic failure.  Using sand as an example simply illustrates/exaggerates the point of water trying to work its way through underground.

Now imagine you have a 20’ wide sheet of plastic commonly found at any hardware store which you lay out over your 2’ tall flood barrier.  This will leave you about 16’ of excess plastic.  By pulling this excess plastic TOWARD the incoming floodwater on the ‘wet side’ of your barrier and securing it to the ground to make sure the water gets on to of the plastic first, you will now have a 16’ long impermeable layer before the floodwater even gets to your flood barrier.  In this example, the water would have to travel 16’ through the ground under the impermeable plastic layer and then under your flood barrier before it surfaces on the ‘dry side’.  This technique significantly lessens the ability of the floodwater we are holding back to travel under your barrier and get onto the dry side of your protective line.

If we are building on soft or porous surfaces like sand, this is the technique we use which is detailed at the video on the bottom right of the following web-page:

NOTE:  Water can pipe through the ground over significant distances and in some cases where water is coming through the ground and into the stricture, plastic sheeting may not make a huge difference.  However, it is our experience that this technique makes a huge difference in preventing water from seeping under a removable flood barrier when working on soft and porous surfaces and therefore, could have broader protective capabilities.
NOTE:  This is an ‘ad-hoc’ solution in using plastic sheeting to mitigate against ground seepage specific to a flood barrier whereas concrete walls, steel sheet piles, and/or levee systems are common solutions for long term protection for critical infrastructure

Flood Defense Landscaping
In most cases, people dealing with flood problems would rather purchase, deploy, and store as few barriers as possible to get the job done.  However, if you require hundreds or thousands of feet of linear flood protection, it can be quite an expensive or a time-consuming task to deploy every time it looks like it may flood.  We completely understand this!

Depending on current water levels, it may not be too late to do some flood defense landscaping which can be used as long term flood defenses that tie into temporary/removable flood defense barriers as a greater part of a flood defense plan.  Whether it be a raised flower bed, a concrete wall, or a low profile berm of grass, this technique can save time and money for anybody bracing themselves for long term and repeat flood problems.

Flood Defense Landscaping can be done in a huge variety of ways and for our operations, we use the soil filled Defencell product.  This product is an effective flood barrier by itself but the long-term use capabilities, simplicity of use, and low expense create a great combination of factors within our flood defense solution line-up.  We enjoy the ability to stack this barrier to about any level in height or key it in for a low profile barrier and bury the entire structure to create a long-term reinforced berm that can be vegetated or landscaped as desired while providing protection against flooding even in the face of wave action, overtopping waves, or saturated conditions.  Once installed, it provides long term protection and you don’t know it’s there.

Stop shore erosion or beach erosion

  • Erosion and floodwater can almost always be found together, and the record water levels of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are causing significant erosion. If you are researching how to stop beach erosion or how to stop eroding shorelines, the Defencell is an excellent option for consideration.  The expense of this product makes it an easy temporary solution whereas the long life-span when buried makes it a great long term solution that can easily be landscaped into the local environment as desired.  Details can be seen at the following web page:

I have done nothing, I’m broke, flood water is coming, what do I do?

There are loads of techniques, tricks, and ideas on what can be done which are largely driven by budget and I could write a book but if I only had a few dollars in my pocket to spend…..I would spend it on plastic and Gorilla Tape and effectively wrap my house in plastic.  I would also want some sandbags and ‘lawn stakes’ to ensure it is tacked to the ground.

As a former infantry soldier (Go 82nd Airborne!), I enjoy having as many lines of defense as I can between me and the potential threat.  This could include any of the following:

Removable flood barriers = Line of Defense
Plastic over removable flood barriers = Line of Defense
Protect a door from flooding = Line of Defense
Stop floodwater from backflowing up a pipe = Line of Defense
Ensure gutters expel water outside your barrier = Internal Defense
Plastic Your House = Line of Defense
Sump Pump = The Alamo!  The Last Line of Defense! 

In this case, putting plastic against your house alone is a poor defense that sometimes works and is worth a shot if survival of your home depends on it but not a very good plan for the long term.  Similar to the segment above titled “Mitigate Against a Rising Water Table” you can use the same plastic technique directly against the structure you are protecting which is well described as a ‘last ditch effort’.

  • If you are left with this as a last option here are some ideas and tips
    – Make sure the plastic rests directly against the structure higher than the height of anticipated floodwaters andall the way to the ground while making sure the plastic does not support any water weight. You then pull any/all extra plastic toward the incoming floodwater and anchor down.

– Make sure water cannot get under the plastic as it approaches the housewhen it first comes in contact with your plastic!!  It must be forced on top of the plastic!

– Make sure every effort is made to seal plastic to ground when working around trees, shrubs, posts, ect…  Lawn staples work great in quickly and securely stick plastic sheeting to the ground over soil and grass.

– Gorilla tape works great on dry surfaces especially if it is warmed.  Flex tape appears to work great just about anywhere but will remove paint.  Use tape to secure plastic to the ground and walls over concrete, wood, and other sticky surfaces to prevent water from getting under or behind the plastic sheeting.  Sandbags or even scoops of shoveled dirt are also effective to keep your plastic anchored to the ground

– Wooden beans like 2”x 4” planks can be used to quickly ‘scab’ or securely screw/secure plastic to a structure.

– Never put plastic UNDER a removable flood defense barrier which includes sandbags.  The friction value of plastic is too low and barriers can be pushed out of place by floodwater when sitting on top of plastic

– Be aware of wind.  Big sheets of plastic can easily blow out of place with wind.  TRICK – If you lay out plastic, you can sometimes spray water on it to help it squish to the ground and stay in place while waiting for floodwaters to arrive.

– Is the fence surrounding your yard capable of holding plastic and floodwaters?  This could be an easy extra line of defense!  Plastic is comparatively cheap!!!

– If protecting windows and doorways, we have specialized panel systems like the Flood Gate by Quickdams but in an emergency, you may find that screwing a sheet of ¾ plywood over a hole to be covered with some weather stripping to create a better seal (like a gasket) and finished off with a sheet of plastic to cover it MIGHT do the trick.  Tape down the edges of the plastic to always prevent water from getting between the plastic and the structure you are protecting.

– Are the downspouts of your gutters correctly removing water from the area?

– Do you have any sandbags?  They sure are nice to have when needed!

– Sump pumps are cheap and a great additional line of defense!  Make sure you figure out where any water would or should pool and prepare an area for your sump pump.  NOTE:  Water activated sump pumps are a great option for flood defenses that are not being monitored.

Covering your house with plastic is not a very good Plan A but in the absence of an alternate solution and in the face of floodwaters coupled with the desire to do something, these are actionable options or ides for the final evaluation or endorsement of the reader.  At Flood Defense Group, we pride ourselves in having a fantastic line-up of the best barriers and related designs on the market when it comes to flood defense but we will take excessive amounts of time to provide feedback and ideas on how people can protect themselves from in incoming crisis even if it does not include our barriers as we simply enjoy helping.


Call us for a chat  (208-585-1815)

A quick discussion may be time well spent in talking through your flood issues and nailing down options or ideas that work versus ones that would not be well suited for your problems.  If you could benefit from talking over options or ideas on how to stop floodwater at your house whether it be one of our barriers or something else entirely, we are always happy to field a phone call, perhaps look at some pictures, and have a conversation.  Sometimes, the action of picking up the phone and talking through your flood problem goes a long way in developing actionable ideas to defend yourself from floodwaters future.

We are available to help if you are experiencing flooding or looking to buy flood barriers throughout the Great Lakes Region and the US at large.  Flood Defense Group remains available to help out anybody we can.

Keith Anderson (CEO)
Flood Defense Group

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Flood Defense Group Protects Oil & Gas Facilities in Louisiana from Mississippi River Flooding And Modifications to a HESCO Bastion Floodwall

This is a site that required aversatile flood barrier capable of allowing existing pipework to transition through it while also tying the barrier into and a sloped embankment.  Additionally, this project needed to be 8’ tall and capable of being left in place for a number of years without significant maintenance requirements.

HESCO Bastion was the clear flood protection system of choice in this project for a variety of reasons.

  • HESCO Bastion easily stacks to achieve 8’ in protective height
  • HESCO Bastion offers robust protection against flood waters and the power of the Mississippi River
  • HESCO Bastion is easily modified to conform around existing pipework
  • HESCO Bastion can be left in place for many years with minimal maintenance
  • HESCO Bastion is the most economical and effective option on the market in achieving greater heights of flood protection which can easily be built higher at a later date as required

Below are some of the features of this project

How to build a flood barrier around pipes using HESCO Bastion

We enjoy working with this product in difficult locations such as this because it is easy to modify for a good fit when the situation requires. In this example, the barrier had to transition through the pipes pictured and into the berm on the left side of the photo.

Step 1 – We started by placing a unit of HESCO Bastion on either side of the pipes as seen in the photo to the left and the photo below.

Step 2 – Wire the two units together around the pipes to be sealed. This can be done in a variety of different ways but in this example, we did the following

A) We cut two strips of a single square strip of the welded wire mesh and attached it vertically to the HESCO Bastion units on either side of the pipes as shown
NOTE:  These strips allow you working space and an anchor point for step B

B) We then cut strips of welded wire mesh which were transitioned from side to side and between the pipes

C) Use a coil on either side of the pipes to screw the vertical and horizontal wire panel pieces together therefore connecting the HESCO Bastion on either side and between the pipes.

Step 3 – Line your modified cell with geotextile fabric and carefully fill the dirt/sand up and around the pipes making sure the geotextile forms a complete seal around the pipe and that fill material cannot escape. Compact the fill material in 1’ lifts throughout the filling process.
NOTE: We normally do not use water to create compaction but in this case, we did use water to ensure the sand was consolidated and well compact around the pipes throughout this cell prior to stacking the 2 layer high HESCO Bastion.

Step 4 – Spray Foam Seal for Good Measure
In this case, because of the number of pipes, we felt a layer of spray foam around the point of entry of the pipes into the HESCO Bastion was a good idea as foam is a great tool in sealing up areas where seepage may occur during a flood event.
NOTE: Don’t forget, Spray Foam is a wonderful tool in sealing up gaps that may occur within your flood defense perimeter!

How to tie a HESCO Bastion floodwall into an earthen embankment?

Normally, there are two common methods of doing this.

  • Dig a keyhole into your berm and backfill around your barrier upon completion
  • Modify the HESCO Bastion by cutting it down to size such that it appears to disappear into the berm without digging into the berm at all

In this case, we went with option 2 and modified the HESCO Bastion to conform it to the earthen berm. This is easily done by taking a new unit of HESCO Bastion and completely disassembling it. This will allow you to modify/cut the material and reconnect it one cell at a time while you conform it to the embankment you are tying into.

We did this because there was a lot of vegetation (root structures) within the berm as well as a layer of seashells on the surface of the berm which are all great additions to prevent erosion of the berm during a flood event. Digging into a berm creates a vulnerability for erosion and we were happy not to disturb the existing soil/berm

NOTE: Freshly disturbed dirt is prone to erosion from moving water during a flood event. This is also why we did not want to dig into the berm. If you ever do dig into a berm and have freshly disturbed soil, it may be wise to cover it with stone which is helpful in preventing erosion from floodwater during a flood event as water starts swirl around the area.

Create additional stability or support for your HESCO Bastion Floodwall

It is simple and inexpensive to install ‘buttress walls’ or ‘buttress cells’ to a line of HESCO Bastion for added stability as desired. The photos above show how we were able to take a few cells and attach them to main line of HESCO Bastion close to where the floodwall ties into to an earthen berm on either side of the facility being protected for some easy reinforcement at this tie-in point.
Perhaps this could be considered ‘overkill’, but the speed and ease associated with simply adding some buttress cells along the way gives us added comfort when floodwaters arrive and are near the top of your barrier! This buttress cells can be added during construction or even years later as desired.

Conclusion: HESCO Bastion was a great fit for this location and the description of our modifications to the HESCO Bastion product during construction detailed above are designed to give possible end users an idea of product capability should you have a similar situation. We understand that modifications of HESCO Bastion (or any flood defense barrier) voids any manufacturers warrantee associated with the product and ‘done at your own risk’. We regularly modify the HESCO Bastion product if/when required to suit the location with great and continued success which is always up to the client or the end user to endorse as we do not assume liability for the final outcome of any project. This description of for general knowledge and understanding of our work with the HESCO Bastion product which may prove helpful during the evaluation of this product for potential end users. It’s an amazing product which is extremely versatile!

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Purchase the NOAQ Boxwall flood barriers in Ohio, Michigan and greater Great Lakes region!

Flood Defense Group is excited to announce that the NOAQ Boxwall flood defense barrier is now available for immediate purchase from Life Safety Technologies Special Systems LLC 440-309-7099

With the great lakes already at record levels and expected to remain at record levels through the first half of 2020, flooding and erosion are going to be a problem. This is the current projection under normal conditions, and should high precipitation totals also occur, flood concerns will only grow.

Throughout the shoreline, lagoons, and tributaries of the Great Lakes, erosion is taking place at an accelerated rate with high lake levels allowing floodwaters to rise and start the slow creep inland toward structure on the water.

If you are looking to protect yourself from flooding, we have long term as well as short term solutions.

What can Life Safety Technologies Special Systems LLC provide when it come to flood defense or to defend against eroding coast lines?


In addition to having stock of the NOAQ Boxwall which is one of the fastest and easiest products on the market to deploy against incoming floodwaters, there are also a variety of other barriers and heights to choose from. If you need to stop floodwater that is only a couple inches up to 1’ or have potential for several feet of floodwater, we have the capability of achieving any height when it comes to flood defense.


If you live on the Great Lakes whether it be in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or New York, you are likely experiencing some sort of land loss through erosion or likely know somebody who is. In addition to being able to provide temporary flood defense barriers, we can also assist with ‘flood defense landscaping’ in the form of creating reinforced berms which act as permanent flood protection as well providing protection against eroding coastlines.


Throughout the area of the Great Lakes, there can be found a variety of different flooding problems which we are well suited to protect against. We are noticing the following types of flooding in this area and are well suited to assist

  • Slow rising lake flooding
  • Flood water backing up into tributaries and spilling out their banks
  • Flooding from erosion and land loss
  • Surface flooding from rain events due to poor drainage and/or saturated soils
  • River flooding during high precipitation events or spring run-off.

If you are looking to protect yourself from flooding and are interested to know where to purchase the NOAQ Boxwall or a variety of other flood barriers in Ohio, Michigan, or throughout the Great Lakes region, your local contact details are below.


In addition to selling flood defense barriers and keeping regional stockpiles throughout the USA, we can assist with site specific feedback. Maybe you are not sure which barrier is best for you. Perhaps you could use a 2nd opinion on available options or would simply like to cost out a variety of different options available, we can help.

You can contact your local distributor of flood defense barriers for detailed pricing but if you want a quote, you only need to provide details on which flood barrier you are looking at as well as a delivery zip code unless you collect them yourself.

If you are looking for feedback specific to your flood problem, send us some pictures! If you can send us some pictures detailing the problem you are dealing with as well as any projections you have on depth of flood waters, this typically gives us all the information we need to provide site specific feedback for initial review.


We understand that flood defense barriers are about as exciting of a purchase as a new roof or a new air conditioning system for your home. It is something you need but get little enjoyment out of but once the floodwaters arrive, the gratification of having protected your home from the costly disaster associated with flooding is profound.

We always tell homeowners subject to flooding that it is wise to at least start costing out flood barrier options even if you are not ready to purchase. That way, when the flood waters arrive, you will at least have a plan that can be initiated immediately because once flood waters arrive, time for planning is over and this window of time can close quickly.

If you are looking to purchase flood barriers in this region,
Richard Pall
Life Safety Technologies Special Systems LLC
760 Sunnyside Rd
Vermilion, OH 44089

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Flood Protection for Doors – Floodgate by Quickdams Review

Flood Defense Group specializes in flood protection for homes, businesses, and communities at large and have grown to appreciate the unique capabilities of the Flood Gate product to quickly protect a doorway during a flood. It is simple by design and an easy product to deploy. Homeowners can purchase it online to protect a front door from flooding without the need for a consultation or a 3rd party contractor to conduct modifications to your home while coming in at a price that beats the competition.

The Flood Gate barrier system comes as a user-ready kit in a variety of widths which come in 5” increments depending on the size of the doorway requiring flood protection.  With this system, the general process from start to finish is;

  • Measure doorway from jamb to jamb
    NOTE: Location of fit should be flush and smooth with 90-degree angles at the base.  Additional steps can be taken to seal up brick work and rough textures.
  • Ensure a minimum reveal of 1.25” to 2” within the door frame for product fit
    NOTE: Steps can be taken to protect any doorway with this product if there is not space within the door frame for this product to fit which are more invasive in that they require a mounted bracket

  • Order appropriate size Flood Gate
  • Remove from box upon arrival
  • Put on neoprene sleeve which creates your water-tight seal
  • Use the internal jack to wedge this product into place within the doorway

Flood Gate Flood Protection 1

  • Tighten pre-attached bolts at the bottom to seal the barrier to the ground

Flood Gate Flood Defense Barrier 2

  • Done – most doorways remain operational





  • Remove and store for future use

There are detailed user instructions for this product which should be read thoroughly but those are the basic steps

Flood Gate vs other flood panel systems

Flood Defense Group generically classifies ‘flood panel systems’ as a barrier designed to protect openings within a structure and/or longer flood fencing applications using thinner panels or planks in a variety of dimensions.  Common products or phrases within this industry include flood panels, flood planks, flood logs, flood fence, and flood gates.  Common applications of these products include flood protection of doorways, garage doors, windows, elevator shafts, parking garages, gaps between structures, compartmentalization of key equipment, and flood fencing.

We provide multiple of these type options and with an understanding of pricing throughout this industry, believe that the Flood Gate provides the best value in ‘cost per square foot’ of protection provided at less than $100 without additional installation requirements on most cases.  Through our efforts to understand alternative options and relevant prices for these type systems, we believe that establishing a ‘cost per square foot’ of protection provided to be the appropriate metric for comparing flood paneling type systems and the Flood Gate beats all competing products we are aware of on price

This product can be generally installed with ease into the majority of doorways that require protection without modifying the building or ground in any way but we commonly need to protect sliding doors, double doors, and garage doors from flooding as well as doors which are flush with the building leaving no doorway to fit into.  In these cases, the Flood Gate provides options in being able to install ‘Stanchions’ which are ground anchored, removable, upright supports to link barriers when sealing off a longer opening or wall mounted brackets in creating anchor points.  We are happy to have the option with these additions to protect large doorways from flooding or creating a flood fence for a variety of applications.

If the texture of the location the Flood Gate is butting up to is rough, this could allow potential for seepage.  A bead of silicone caulk is helpful in sealing any voids associated with rough textured surfaces.  It is important to note that there are types of silicone caulk which easily peel off without leaving residue to clean up.

Flood Defense Group has alternate options available which includes the EZ Panel.  This is a robust panel, compliant with FEMA TB 3-93 standards, and well suited to achieve heights greater than the 26” height of the Flood Gate.  The EZ Panel is an amazing product that may bring down flood insurance rates but is slightly more robust than required to protect your front door from flooding within a residential flood defense application.  While we appreciate the importance of having a variety of flood defense solutions for a variety of potential flood scenarios, we cannot be happier with the simple, effective, and economical solutions provided by the Flood Gate to quickly block off doorways during a flood.

Flood Gate Pricing and Product Dimensions:

Item Number






Quickdam Stanchion Kit

Quickdam Side Rail Kit

Protective Height







Protective Width







Retail Price









There are volume discounts available for the purchase of multiple units/pallets and in conducting comparisons within the industry, simply calculate the cost per square.  Depending on the product you are comparing, it is important to include installation and shipping costs.


In summary, Flood Defense Group has deployed the Flood Gate product and wholeheartedly endorse it.  If you are looking to purchase the Flood Gate in the USA, we have this product in stock in multiple warehouses across the country and available for immediate shipping.  If you need to protect a door from flooding, we believe that the FloodGate is an amazing product and tops our list of ‘go-to’ options.


Flood Defense Group

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Purchasing flood defense barriers in the USA moving into 2020

NOAQ Boxwall or NOAQ Box Wall

We understand that purchasing flood defense barriers can be quite a process with more questions than answers. Most individual product providers of any given flood defense barrier will commonly tell you their product is the ‘best’ product when asked out of conviction in the product they represent. This leaves you to evaluate whether this is true in the face of a potentially biased opinion and what product really is the best for you. Why is one product better than the other? What product is best for me? How much does it cost? And in the case of incoming floodwaters… HOW FAST CAN I GET IT!!

Flood Defense Group has a thorough understanding of the flood barrier industry and product specific solutions unique to a large variety of flood problems. We can help with simple questions like ‘How much is the NOAQ Boxwall’ or more challenging questions like ‘How to redirect debris flows with HESCO Bastion?’ Additional questions include:

HESCO Jackbox Temporary Flood Barrier
  • What kind of flood barrier can I deploy in time? (flash flooding or quickly developing floods)
  • What barriers can I get in time? (when expected flood waters are incoming)
  • What is the price of flood barriers in the USA? (perhaps you are looking at an international product or want to compare flood barrier prices from a list of options)
  • What can I deploy by myself?
  • How much room does a barrier take to store? (some are bulkier than others)
  • What is the best flood barrier for me AND what are my next best alternatives?

Perhaps you have product specific or application specific questions

  • What is the cost for 1 mile of a 12’ tall HESCO Bastion floodwall? How long will it take to build?
  • How to prevent coastal erosion with Defencell?
  • What type of flooding are water filled tubes commonly used for?
  • Why is Muscle Wall among the best removable flood barrier options in a hurricane?
  • Can the NOAQ Boxwall be used on uneven surfaces?
  • What can I use for temporary containment, primary containment, or secondary containment?
  • Can I incorporate flood defense landscaping into my temporary flood barrier action plan?
  • How is the Alteau Mobile Flood Barrier different than the Watergate Flood Barrier?
  • Is the Flood Gate or the EZ panel best protect my front door from flooding?

Flood Defense Group enjoys being able to provide quality feedback and solutions unique to your flood problems with the ability to discuss why a given solution is better than another.  We are also happy to volunteer information about alternative options within the industry that may be better suited for a specific problem.  We believe that through our desire to provide our customers with thorough answers and quality feedback combined with unbeatable pricing that they will continue to come back for which we are always thankful.

Below are some of our activities for 2019

Flood Defense Group – Key Projects, Activities and Developments for 2019

  • Flood Defense Group supports USACE federal contract for the technical support of flood barrier deployments throughout the USA
  • Flood Defense Group wins statewide contract for the supply of flood barriers to, and throughout, the State of Louisiana
  • Flood Defense Group wins statewide contract for the ‘emergency Supply’ of flood barriers to, and throughout, the State of Louisiana
Wildfire Debris Flow Flood Barrierr
  • Flood Defense Group provides flood barriers and/or site assessments to 37 different municipalities or state organizations
  • Wildfire related flood defense: We have had numerous projects throughout the western USA to protect against flash flooding and debris flows from recent burn scar areas.

Wildfire related flood defense

We have had numerous projects throughout the western USA to protect against flash flooding and debris flows from recent burn scar areas.

prevent beach erosion with Defencell

Coastal Erosion Control

Flood Defense Group provides multiple site assessments and project support for projects designed to prevent coastal erosion in an attempt to prevent beach erosion and property loss.

Urban Flooding from Poor Drainage and Residential Flood Defense

This is an ever-growing need throughout the USA and Flood Defense Group is constantly working to help residential homeowners from flooding that is attributed to a growing problem of poor drainage as urban areas sprawl and more soil is covered with impermeable surfaces.

Monsoon Season – Arizona and Southern California

If you live in Arizona or Southern California, you experience flooding and when the monsoon season arrives, otherwise dry riverbeds quickly turn into fast flowing and fast rising torrents of water.  This is an active area that has kept us busy with a variety of products as well.

Additional Support Activities Regularly Conducted

  • Site Surveys – Property Visits  (we will come visit your property to provide a review)
  • Project Oversight – Flood Barrier Installation
  • Flood Barrier Trainings
  • ‘Town hall’ or community briefings ‘Flood barriers on the market and do-it-yourself flood protection’
Flood Defense Barriers in the Marketplace Briefing

Moving into 2020

Flood Barriers for homes Alteau Mobile Flood Barrier
Alteau Flood Barrier Redirect Floodwaters

Moving into 2020, Flood Defense Group continues to expand upon our regional network of flood defense barriers for urgent deployment as required.

We are also expanding on our capabilities in providing flood protection by bringing on some additional products within our collection as we strive to continue leading the market in the capability of bringing the right product for the problem in a timeframe that allows us to be responsive to customer needs during times of flooding.

If you have a flood problem or perhaps want to cost out a potential solution so you are ready to initiate an action plan should the need arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Feel free to send us a picture with any details you have available and we are well suited to provide some ideas or cost out potential solutions.

To all of our customers, we thank you for your business and hope that we can get your recommendation in being your authority in flood defense during a time of need.


See you all in 2020 and Stay Dry!

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Flood Defense Group wins sole source contract to supply flood barriers to the state of Louisiana!


We are honored to announce that Flood Defense Group has been chosen to fill the Louisiana State Contract to supply flood barriers AND the Louisiana State Contract to supply flood barriers during times of emergency.  Louisiana is one of the most flood-stricken states within the USA but is also one of the most prepared and reactive states when it comes to combating floodwaters.

LouisianaFlood Defense Group has had significant experience throughout Louisiana providing flood barriers and support in the design and construction of flood defenses.  Flood Defense Group appreciates the significance and large responsibility of this contract.  We remain ready to deploy flood barriers in an emergency and support any/all governmental agencies throughout the state as well as residential and commercial flood defense requirements throughout the state.

If you are a governmental agency within the State of Louisiana and looking for flood defense barriers or are looking to bolster your existing stock of barriers, Flood Defense Group remains available to support your request through either of the current state contracts put out by the State of Louisiana.  We always remain ready and vigilant to support our customers and our ongoing contracts in any way we can.

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Flood Defense Group deploys to Vicksburg, MS in spring 2019

Flood Defense Group deploys to Vicksburg, MS in spring 2019 to build a floodwall capable of stopping 8′ of floodwaters from the Mississippi River using the HESCO Bastion product. It wasn’t long before the wall was holding back 7.5’ of Mississippi and rising.

We take great pride in having an amazing assortment of different products for different types of floodwaters and when it comes to holding several feet of floodwaters, HESCO Bastion provides an amazing history of past performance in flood mitigation and gives peace of mind to those standing behind it. If you have deep water, violent water, tricky working surfaces, and a generally problematic situation when it comes to flood control, HESCO Bastion has the versatility to provide protection in places that most flood defense barriers simply wouldn’t work.


In this case, the end user made plans to create flood defenses before the water arrived. If they had waited longer, access roads would have been impassable, fill material would have been difficult to source, and the rising floodwaters would have quickly made the completion of this project impossible. If you are ever evaluating flood defense structures, it is always great to have an action plan before floodwaters arrive.

Flood Defense Group is always happy to help identify a variety of protective configurations that could work for you during times of flooding. Additionally, we often find ourselves helping to identify action plans to initiate a defensive posture when floodwaters are coming because when floodwaters arrive, it is often too late to make a plan.