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Flood Defense Barriers in the Marketplace and Homemade ‘Do it yourself’ Flood Protection

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Flood Defense Group has had massively popular reviews of our briefing ‘Flood Defense Barriers in the Marketplace and Homemade Flood Protection’. If you are in a flood prone area and interested in hosting an event, we are capable of supporting it.

This briefing is designed for homeowners as well as flood defense professionals in the industry. We believe this to be the most comprehensive flood defense briefings on the market which includes:

  • Description of the majority of flood defense barriers on the market
  • Pro’s and Con’s of each
  • Various applications with strengths and weaknesses
  • Breakdown of pricing of almost all barriers discussed
  • ‘do it yourself’ flood protection
  • Flood Defense landscaping
  • Other

Reviews detail this briefing as extremely comprehensive in providing a wealth of information for those who seek to protect themselves from the effects of flooding. With an early start to what is projected to be an active hurricane season, communities throughout Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and up the eastern seaboard are hungry to learn about what they can do to protect themselves from flooding and what solution works best for them individually.

There are many flood defense barriers on the market and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution as every situation is unique when it comes to creating flood defenses or deploying flood defense barriers. This briefing provides actionable information, ideas, and know how which can immediately equip the public in steps they can take in protecting their homes and communities.

If you are interested in learning more about our availability or to schedule a visit, let us know! We are always eager to help whether you use our flood barriers or are looking for ideas of how to protect yourself on a budget, we are more than happy to help! Call any time if we can ever be of support! We enjoy helping in any way we can! 1-208-585-1815.