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Flood Defense Group Provides miles of Flood Protection to Colorado Wildfire Burn Scar Areas

Every state in the Western United States experiences wildfires which commonly result in subsequent flooding when rain falls or during the spring thaw as snow melts.

Walsenburg, Colorado is currently in the bulls eye as a result of the Spring Creek Fire and are extremely vulnerable to flooding.  In order to protect the town of Walsenburg, Flood Defense Group has delivered over 2 miles of flood protection and a variety of flood defense barriers to Frontier Environmental and the US Department of Agriculture as well as construction support in protecting this community against flooding and debris flows which are likely to result from any significant amount of rainfall.  Some sections of flood protection provided achieve 12’ in height.

When it comes to offering protection against flooding or protection against debris flows from wildfire burn scarred areas, there are not many flood barriers on the market capable of providing adequate protection.

HESCO Bastion is one of those barriers capable of providing the mass capable of dealing with these threats.  HESCO Bastion is uniquely capable of providing adequate protection while being built on undulating terrain or on surfaces where most barriers on the market simply won’t work.  Additionally, this is the most economical product on the market to achieve significant height which is why this is the barrier of choice by the USACE and governmental officials from throughout the United States and North America.

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If you vulnerable to flash flooding, debris flows, or significant flood depths which result from wildfire burn scarred areas, Flood Defense Group are happy to provide feedback or a quote to provide protection against these threats.  Additionally, we can provide a variety of solutions for a variety of situations that may result from this type of flooding.

Flood Defense Group can achieve about any height of flood protection required while also providing barriers capable of being deployed at a moments notice.  We have reusable barriers or other barriers capable of providing long term protection as well as helping to stabilize river banks from the effects of erosion.

If you are dealing with potential for debris flows, flash flooding, or even eroding riverbanks commonly associated with wildfire burn scarred areas, we are capable of providing solutions.  Whether you are a governmental agency, local business, or even a homeowner, we are capable of supporting you.