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Flood Defense Group provides protection to over a dozen homes in South Carolina leading up to Hurricane Florence

flood defense barriers

Location:  South Carolina
Event:  Hurricane Florence

In preparation for Hurricane Florence, Flood Defense Group deploys teams to South Carolina where we have provided protection to over a dozen homes while using a variety of products.

Within this flood event, Flood Defense Group has a variety of products deployed which includes the NOAQ Boxwall, Muscle Wall, Defencell, and HESCO Bastion to mitigate against a variety of different threats. Keith Anderson, who has spent a good amount of time working on flood defenses within South Carolina states “Our project applications within South Carolina leading up to Hurricane Florence are to protect from a variety of different flood threats. We have projects to mitigate against rushing groundwater from incoming rain, tidal storm surges, as well as coastal erosion control and reinforced berms. Fortunately, we have large stockpiles of flood defense barriers within South Carolina allowing us to be reactive to those who are in need.”

If you have flood vulnerability, Flood Defense Group has the resources to react and provide protection to what is important to you and always stress that in a time sensitive situation, every hour makes a difference when given short reaction times.