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Flood Defense Group wins sole source contract to supply flood barriers to the state of Louisiana!


We are honored to announce that Flood Defense Group has been chosen to fill the Louisiana State Contract to supply flood barriers AND the Louisiana State Contract to supply flood barriers during times of emergency.  Louisiana is one of the most flood-stricken states within the USA but is also one of the most prepared and reactive states when it comes to combating floodwaters.

LouisianaFlood Defense Group has had significant experience throughout Louisiana providing flood barriers and support in the design and construction of flood defenses.  Flood Defense Group appreciates the significance and large responsibility of this contract.  We remain ready to deploy flood barriers in an emergency and support any/all governmental agencies throughout the state as well as residential and commercial flood defense requirements throughout the state.

If you are a governmental agency within the State of Louisiana and looking for flood defense barriers or are looking to bolster your existing stock of barriers, Flood Defense Group remains available to support your request through either of the current state contracts put out by the State of Louisiana.  We always remain ready and vigilant to support our customers and our ongoing contracts in any way we can.