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HESCO Bastion – More than just a flood defense barrier!

This article does a great job describing how our troops use HESCO Bastion to protect themselves when operating ‘downrange’.  Not only does HESCO Bastion do an amazing to stop floodwaters, it also does an amazing job stopping car bombs, improvised explosives, rockets, artillery, mortars, small arms fire, and a variety of other hostile threats aimed at our loved ones during deployment.

This is a great example of a seemingly thankless and unknown task our deployed troops experience in shoveling dirt during the heat of the day to provide ballistic protection for you and your brothers/sisters in arms from constant threats that lurk at close range.

Flood Defense Group and HESCO Bastion have immense appreciation for the selfless service, professionalism, and downright grit associated with our troops operating in hostile environments and give endless thanks.

Thank You!