Flood Gate

Flood Gate

This product is so simple, it’s brilliant! It is our ‘go-to’ option in solving the question, ‘how to protect a door from floodwaters?’

Easily seal off most doorways, gates, and openings from floodwater within minutes or even seconds without the need to modify your house. Unlike most competing panel systems on the market designed to seal off doorways, gates, and openings which require modifications to hour home, the Flood Gate offers amazing protection while utilizing an internal jacking system to seal your Flood Gate securely within the opening without additional screws, nuts, bolts, braces, brackets, panels, or planks.

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Quickdams Flood Gate Flood Protection – Protect a door from flooding
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This product is combrised of 1” Steel tube frame for structure & support, .125in steel plates for support & take the weight of the water, internal 1.5ton scissor jack for expansion and a neoprene sleeve for a watertight seal. Also included in the package will be an expansion tool, ratchet wrench & instruction manual

QUESTION: Can multiple units be joined together to create wider protection?

ANSWER: Yes, these units can be joined together in 2-way and 3-way configurations lengthwise, at right angles, or ‘U-Shapes’ around doorways as required with the additional installation of ground anchoring Stanchions.

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QUESTION: What if the door I am protecting is flush with the outer wall and there is no door frame for this product to fit into? Can I still use this product?

ANSWER: Yes, although this product fits within most doorways without requiring extra anchoring requirements, Side Rails are available which can be attached to a structure that will give the Flood Gate the capability of anchoring to the structure. This allows us to protect almost any doorway or opening!


FloodGate FAQ 2019

Quickdams Flood Gate with Neoprene Sleve – Flood Defense Group


  • Blocks entryways from water
  • Easily installed in minutes
  • No alterations to your home required (for most openings)
  • Can be used on doors that open in or open out.
  • Entryway remains accessible while in use
  • Flood protection up to 26” high
  • Adjusts for openings from 25” to 50” wide
  • Units can be joined together with additional Stanchions
  • Capable of 2-way and 3-way joins
  • Neoprene sleeve creates water tight seal
  • Simple, Fast, Easy, Robust and Economical Protection!


Item Number






Protective Height






Protective Width







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