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Purchasing flood defense barriers in the USA moving into 2020

NOAQ Boxwall or NOAQ Box Wall

We understand that purchasing flood defense barriers can be quite a process with more questions than answers. Most individual product providers of any given flood defense barrier will commonly tell you their product is the ‘best’ product when asked out of conviction in the product they represent. This leaves you to evaluate whether this is true in the face of a potentially biased opinion and what product really is the best for you. Why is one product better than the other? What product is best for me? How much does it cost? And in the case of incoming floodwaters… HOW FAST CAN I GET IT!!

Flood Defense Group has a thorough understanding of the flood barrier industry and product specific solutions unique to a large variety of flood problems. We can help with simple questions like ‘How much is the NOAQ Boxwall’ or more challenging questions like ‘How to redirect debris flows with HESCO Bastion?’ Additional questions include:

HESCO Jackbox Temporary Flood Barrier
  • What kind of flood barrier can I deploy in time? (flash flooding or quickly developing floods)
  • What barriers can I get in time? (when expected flood waters are incoming)
  • What is the price of flood barriers in the USA? (perhaps you are looking at an international product or want to compare flood barrier prices from a list of options)
  • What can I deploy by myself?
  • How much room does a barrier take to store? (some are bulkier than others)
  • What is the best flood barrier for me AND what are my next best alternatives?

Perhaps you have product specific or application specific questions

  • What is the cost for 1 mile of a 12’ tall HESCO Bastion floodwall? How long will it take to build?
  • How to prevent coastal erosion with Defencell?
  • What type of flooding are water filled tubes commonly used for?
  • Why is Muscle Wall among the best removable flood barrier options in a hurricane?
  • Can the NOAQ Boxwall be used on uneven surfaces?
  • What can I use for temporary containment, primary containment, or secondary containment?
  • Can I incorporate flood defense landscaping into my temporary flood barrier action plan?
  • How is the Alteau Mobile Flood Barrier different than the Watergate Flood Barrier?
  • Is the Flood Gate or the EZ panel best protect my front door from flooding?

Flood Defense Group enjoys being able to provide quality feedback and solutions unique to your flood problems with the ability to discuss why a given solution is better than another.  We are also happy to volunteer information about alternative options within the industry that may be better suited for a specific problem.  We believe that through our desire to provide our customers with thorough answers and quality feedback combined with unbeatable pricing that they will continue to come back for which we are always thankful.

Below are some of our activities for 2019

Flood Defense Group – Key Projects, Activities and Developments for 2019

  • Flood Defense Group supports USACE federal contract for the technical support of flood barrier deployments throughout the USA
  • Flood Defense Group wins statewide contract for the supply of flood barriers to, and throughout, the State of Louisiana
  • Flood Defense Group wins statewide contract for the ‘emergency Supply’ of flood barriers to, and throughout, the State of Louisiana
Wildfire Debris Flow Flood Barrierr
  • Flood Defense Group provides flood barriers and/or site assessments to 37 different municipalities or state organizations
  • Wildfire related flood defense: We have had numerous projects throughout the western USA to protect against flash flooding and debris flows from recent burn scar areas.

Wildfire related flood defense

We have had numerous projects throughout the western USA to protect against flash flooding and debris flows from recent burn scar areas.

prevent beach erosion with Defencell

Coastal Erosion Control

Flood Defense Group provides multiple site assessments and project support for projects designed to prevent coastal erosion in an attempt to prevent beach erosion and property loss.

Urban Flooding from Poor Drainage and Residential Flood Defense

This is an ever-growing need throughout the USA and Flood Defense Group is constantly working to help residential homeowners from flooding that is attributed to a growing problem of poor drainage as urban areas sprawl and more soil is covered with impermeable surfaces.

Monsoon Season – Arizona and Southern California

If you live in Arizona or Southern California, you experience flooding and when the monsoon season arrives, otherwise dry riverbeds quickly turn into fast flowing and fast rising torrents of water.  This is an active area that has kept us busy with a variety of products as well.

Additional Support Activities Regularly Conducted

  • Site Surveys – Property Visits  (we will come visit your property to provide a review)
  • Project Oversight – Flood Barrier Installation
  • Flood Barrier Trainings
  • ‘Town hall’ or community briefings ‘Flood barriers on the market and do-it-yourself flood protection’
Flood Defense Barriers in the Marketplace Briefing

Moving into 2020

Flood Barriers for homes Alteau Mobile Flood Barrier
Alteau Flood Barrier Redirect Floodwaters

Moving into 2020, Flood Defense Group continues to expand upon our regional network of flood defense barriers for urgent deployment as required.

We are also expanding on our capabilities in providing flood protection by bringing on some additional products within our collection as we strive to continue leading the market in the capability of bringing the right product for the problem in a timeframe that allows us to be responsive to customer needs during times of flooding.

If you have a flood problem or perhaps want to cost out a potential solution so you are ready to initiate an action plan should the need arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Feel free to send us a picture with any details you have available and we are well suited to provide some ideas or cost out potential solutions.

To all of our customers, we thank you for your business and hope that we can get your recommendation in being your authority in flood defense during a time of need.


See you all in 2020 and Stay Dry!