Flood Defense Group has a variety of training packages which are unmatched within the market.

Our product line covers the majority of designs used within the North American flood fighting industry and we are capable of delivering experienced packages on any or all of them.  This includes sandbag emplacements.

Recently, Flood Defense Group has been supporting a large number of private organizations and neighborhoods in delivering the briefing

‘Flood Defense Barriers in the Marketplace and Do-it-Youself Flood Defense’

This is a great briefing for the greater public at large who are evaluating flood protection. Within this briefing, we break down the Pro’s and Con’s of the majority of barriers on the market, discuss the cost of each, discuss various flood defense and flood proofing applications as well as a variety of Do-it-Yourself flood protection methods. This provides great knowledge and actionable information for the common homeowner to protect themselves and has received incredibly positive feedback and reviews.

If you are interested in a briefing of any sort, let us know!

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