We understand that floodwaters often provide little warning and the importance of speed in implementing flood control measures.

The Flood Defense Group have gone to great effort in strategic stocking of a variety of flood control products in known flood zones throughout North America.  We continue to expand our network of flood defense resources.

We take every effort to ensure we can deploy quickly in delivering flood defense materials and support at any hour of need.


We have a larger selection of flood defense products than anyone else in the industry which provides you options tailored to your needs.

We carry a comprehensive line of products because we understand there is no one solution that is correct for every flood event.

We have a variety of barrier sizes and price points which gives us the ability to help with a flood protection plan unique to the end user.


Our products and those employing them are typically the last line of defense during a flood event which we take very seriously.

We will always support our customers from finding the right product and configuration, dispatching it quickly, and assisting during construction as desired.

Additionally, we regularly travel throughout North America

to conduct training tours on our product line which includes the vast majority of flood defense materials used in today's marketplace.

We are eager to do anything we can to support those who are supporting us through the purchase of flood defense materials.

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