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Hurricane Season 2020

Hurricane Season 2020 – State of Louisiana extends Flood Defense Group contract for the emergency supply of up to 3 miles of temporary flood defense barriers throughout The State of Louisiana within 48 hours for 2020 and we remain ready!

Flood Defense Group has almost 12 miles of flood defense barriers which are immediately available for dispatch with the capability of getting product on site within about 24 hours for the entire gulf region and most of the eastern seaboard.

As of August 1st 2020, in preparation for the 2020 hurricane season, removable flood barriers can be purchased in Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Florida. The availability of flood defense barrier stockpiles within these regions allow us to be reactive to hurricanes wherever they may impact in additional removable flood barrier stockpiles further into the US interior.

NOTE: We are working to get removable flood barrier stockpiles into Hawaii as quickly as possible.
If you are in a hurricane impact area, it is important to have a plan whether it to be an evacuation plan, a flood defense plan…….or both! For those of you who may choose to ‘weather the storm’ and prepare for incoming floodwaters associated with a hurricane impact, here are some of our observations that are worth taking into consideration as it pertains to defending against floodwaters.

Have a Flood Defense Plan!
Do some research and see what product is best for you. Whether you plan to be creative and create ‘ad-hoc’ flood barriers or go with a temporary, removable flood barrier, figure it out! Get a list of flood defense supplies you would need. It is important to start war-gaming your solution.

  • Identify Level/Depth of Flood Protection Required
  • Research viable flood barrier options and/or flood defense solutions (WE CAN HELP!)
  • Take measurements
  • QUANTIFY – Get a quote and price things out

NOTE: When floodwaters are coming, it will quickly become too late to do these things. Flood Defense Group tries to be extremely reactive in providing quick feedback and support in identifying a personalized flood defense plan but when a flood event is about to arrive, we can get quite busy. Having a plan beforehand saves precious time in being ready for a flood event.

Identify Timelines to Implement Your Plan– Avoid running out of time!
Maybe you want to create a flood defense plan, but you are not ready to actually buy flood defense barriers. This is extremely normal. Just remember how long it will take to get your temporary flood barriers or materials on site and deploy them when a flood event is coming. Always remember to account for potential problems like:

  • Road Closures
  • Power Outages
  • Rising Water Levels (soil filled flood barriers commonly require dirt/sand that comes from a gravel pit which are often the first areas to flood during a flood event
  • Availability of Labor – If you are hiring someone, it is important to know they will actually be in the area.

What happens if your flood defenses are overwhelmed?
Nobody wants to be a hurricane statistic which is commonly a result of drowning within a storm surge. If you are ‘riding it out’, it is imperative to create as many contingency plans as possible just in case things go wrong.

  • Do you have an escape plan or safe hiding place? A tree perhaps?
  • Do you have a life jacket? Do you have a helmet?
  • Do you have a boat and can you get to it if things are flooded?
  • If you find yourself trapped in an attic, how will you get out?
  • Do you have enough food and water?
  • Were your electronics charged before losing power? Will you need external power?
  • Does anybody know you are ‘riding out the storm’?
  • Do you have a meeting point or communication plan to reunite with your loved ones?

NOTE: If evacuation orders are given and you choose to stay home, it should be understood that you are on your own and that calling emergency response personnel during a storm puts their life in danger and may not be an option.

What are the flood barriers we can supply in bulk or quite quickly:
NOAQ Boxwall– If you are looking to purchase the NOAQ Boxwall in the USA, we have this flood barrier in stock in Texas, Louisiana, and South Carolina as well as limited amounts in Ohio, Michigan, and New Jersey. This flood barrier is massively popular for residential, governmental, and commercial users because it is extremely fast to deploy and easily stacks like a bunch of chairs for ease of storage or transportation. If you have limited time to react to a flood, limited space to store flood barriers, and want a product that is lightweight and easy to move around, this is a wonderful product.

Muscle Wall – This water filled flood barrier is our product of choice to protect against wave impact associated with a hurricane storm surge and debris impact from hurricane force winds. This product can take an absolute beating and the 4’ tall model is the most economical option we are aware of when it comes to a reusable flood barrier that can offer this height of protection. There are also height extension options available.

HESCO Bastion – This is the flood barrier of choice for most governmental agencies within the USA including the USACE and State level emergency management agencies. It is the least expensive option on the market in achieving greater heights for flood protection and is capable of withstanding the most hostile conditions mother nature has to offer. If you are looking for significant quantities of flood defense barriers in protecting entire communities, electrical grids, oil & gas facilities, or other key infrastructure, this is easily our most popular option with a long track record of performance.

Flood Gate – If you are trying to simply protect a doorway from flood water without making modifications to your home, this is a great product that arrives ready for immediate use. It is simple, effective, and ships quickly!

Flood Gate

Water Tubes – These water filled flood tubes are inexpensive, quick to deploy, and arrive via UPS quickly. This product is great for redirecting flood water but we do caution the use of this product when experiencing wave impact. We like the inexpensive and simple design of water filled flood tubes but we do not suggest them with wave impact from coastal storm surges.


Defencell – If you are trying to prevent coastal erosion, reinforce a coastal berm, or do some flood defense landscaping, this is a fantastic product. Because it is a soil containment system made from geotextile, it can classify as a ‘temporary sandbag’ but if you bury it, you can expect it to easily last upwards of 25+ years. This makes it a great long term ‘temporary’ solution as local regulations dictate. Do you have problems with beach erosion or loss of property as a result of hurricane storm surges? This may be the option for you!

Defencell & Coastal Erosion Control – The long term ‘temporary solution’ in Southern California

Take the first step, let us help you with a flood defense plan!
We are free to provide feedback on flood defense barriers specific to your house! While we do not take liability for the final outcome of any flood defense project, it is all we do. If you are looking to protect your home, your business, or your community, we can help you come up with a plan. Whether it includes one of our barriers, an alternate barrier on the market, or even ‘home-made’ flood defenses, we are happy to provide feedback as we want to help.

Any of these questions help us to provide quality feedback:

  • What is the depth of potential flood water to defend against?
  • How much time do you have to react to flood water in deploying a flood barrier?
  • What kind of flooding is it? Hurricane storm surge? Swollen river? Overflowing lake?
  • What kind of working surfaces would a barrier go on? Grass? Concrete? Dirt?
  • Do you have any photos of the area in question you would like to share?

Give us a call or send us an email detailing your flood situation and we will help you in providing options specific to your location whether it be one of our flood defense barriers or one from an alternate provider. We want to help and our focus lies on providing quality feedback to those in need.

If a hurricane is heading your way or your are potentially vulnerable to flooding and are looking into available solutions, send us an email or give us a call!

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